A batty Homecoming

I’ll spit the exciting news out – I have a story in this May’s School Magazine, the Orbit magazine. The story is called Homecoming and it’s on page 4. It’s very very batty!

When I first tried to write for this issue of the School Magazine, I saw the theme on the website, ‘Journeys’. It made me think of all sorts of exciting stories, after all so many things can happen when you take a journey. Then I read an article about bats migrating to Kasanka National Park.

This was an amazing journey. Not just because of how far the bats have to fly. But also because of the description in the article of this huge black cloud that comes into Kasanka, every year. A swarm of bats makes Kasanka its home, and no one knows exactly where the bats come from or where they go after.

I thought about what it would be like to fly in a huge black cloud like that, and to come to make a place your home only to swoop off somewhere else several months later. Would it feel like home?  How would you make it feel like home?

It was extra-exciting to find out The School Magazine accepted my story and to see it published. The pictures by Touby Riddle are absolutely beautiful and capture the bats, the joy of their flight and their new home and the feeling of family among them perfectly.

This is my story of Felix the bat, who’s making his first flight to Kasanka …