A Very Special Moon Mission

Coming out in early July, I am happy to announce a new chapter book!

This one is called “A Very Special Moon Mission” and is published by the wonderful people at Christmas Press who also published “Princess Hayley’s Comet”. As you might have guessed by the title, it is also has space themes.

This story sees best friends Phoebe and Elliott and the not-very-popular girl in school, Julia, meet aspiring astronauts at the Space Station and “accidentally” rocket off to the moon, and have to work out how to get back. They also need to work out how to get on together and face their fears in space. There’s a know-it-all computer called IMP who knows almost everything … but inconveniently doesn’t know how to land the spacecraft properly. Here’s the trailer.

The lovely illustrations are by David Allan.

I’m really excited about this one and I hope you are too!