A Very Special Moon Mission is published!

Yesterday, A Very Special Moon Mission was published! It is now available to buy – yes, actually to be handled by your fingertips which has to be one of the most exciting things about writing a book – actually making a something that is real … and yet very unreal too. Because you can do anything in books.

In this adventure, Phoebe and Elliot are best friends who go to a Space Station and meet astronauts in training. They are joined by a not-so-popular girl, Julia, and “accidentally” launch a spaceship to the moon with the help of a rather cheeky supercomputer, IMP. Of course, getting to the moon seems like lots of fun … then they realise the big problem is … getting back to Earth!

As it’s school holidays, there’s also time for activities. There are teacher’s notes and fun activities to go with the book like how to make your own rocketship out of a bottle, or a space-based word search. And I have my Goodreads page for the book if anyone would like to review it!